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Secret Santa 5

Secret Santa 5

Another in our popular series of Secret Santa rounds, this pub quiz picture round features 10 photos of famous people to be identified, but with the added twist of a Santa disguise being added to each person .

The people in the photos are from a range of different backgrounds and are all well known, and even with the disguises on, teams should be able to identify a few faces without too much trouble. However, to complete the round, they may have to rely on a few guesses.

It is recommended that this round is used in a quiz as a handout round. For more information on handout rounds and our recommended use for them in quizzes click here

If you purchase this handout round you will receive an e-mail with a link to access a zip file containing the main handout sheet, information on how to use the handout round in your quiz, and finally, the answers! It is likely that you will already have everything you need to access and use this round in your quiz, but to check the full software and hardware requirements then click here

Please note that this handout round also appears in Christmas Quiz 9, a complete Christmas themed pub quiz pack that also features 6 Christmas themed question and answer rounds, plus specially designed answer sheets for teams to write their answers on and instructions and advice for running your quiz.

Note: This product was added to our site in November 2010.
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