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Cryptic Sweets

Cryptic Sweets

This entertaining pub quiz handout round features 15 cryptic clues for teams to decipher to come up with the names of 15 well known types or brand of sweets and chocolate. For example, the correct answer to the cryptic clue "Choose police station" is Picnic, as "pick" means to choose and "nick" is a slang term for a police station, giving "pick nick".

A few of these cryptic clues are fairly straightforward to get teams started, but there are also some that are likely to take a fair bit of puzzling over, so this quiz round should keep teams entertained for a while.

It is recommended that these cryptic clues are used in a quiz as a handout round. For more information on handout rounds and our recommended use for them in quizzes click here

If you purchase this handout round you will receive an e-mail with a link to access a zip file containing the main handout sheet in two different formats (one as illustrated above and one in a plain format without any colours or graphics), information on how to use the handout round in your quiz, and finally, the answers! It is likely that you will already have everything you need to access and use this round in your quiz, but to check the full software and hardware requirements then click here

Please note that this handout round also appears in Weekly Quiz 157. If you would prefer to purchase our pre-compiled full weekly quizzes, then click here, where you can find quizzes with a handout round, 2 rounds on general subjects, a specialist subject round, a connections round, an initial letter link round, and a stick or twist round, as well as professionally designed answer sheets and full instructions on how to run your quiz. If, however, you prefer to use your own format for your quizzes, then this handout round should help towards creating an entertaining and challenging quiz.

Note: This product was added to our site in September 2009.
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